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Horn of Africa Crisis: Evaluations of previous drought responses

The following evaluations have been selected from the Evaluative Reports Database (ERD) for their potential value for agencies responding in East Africa.

Evaluations of drought crises in the Horn of Africa

Evaluations of droughts in Eritrea

Evaluations of droughts in Ethiopia

Gendered Impacts of the 2007-2008 Food Price Crisis
June 2011

Improving Drought Response in Pastoral Areas of Ethiopia
Humanitarian Policy Group for the CORE Group
January 2008

Impact Assessments of Livelihoods-based Drought Interventions in Moyale and Dire Woredas
CARE International; Feinstein International Famine Center, Tufts University; Save the Children Fund; US Agency for International Development
February 2007

Ethiopia: Real-time Evaluation of the 2006 Emergency Response
December 2006

Evaluation of OFDA Emergency Seed Relief Drought Response Ethiopia, 2003-04
US Agency for International Development

Evaluation of OFDA Cash for Relief Intervention in Ethiopia
US Agency for International Development
November 2004

Evaluations of droughts in Kenya

Evaluations of droughts in Somalia

Drought situations globally